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Computer Curriculum

Computer classes are offered for grades Kindergarten through 8th grade.


Our Computer Lab has been upgraded to be able to accommodate a full class of students. It has 35 Mac computers with Microsoft Office installed in them. The lab also has a Smart Board along with most classrooms.


Kindergarten and 1st Grade come in 4 days a week, 30 minutes per group, and do a reading program. It is a innovative program that uses computers and technology to improve reading and writing. It is used in addition to the classroom reading series.


2nd through 4th grade classes come in once a week for 1 hour.  They learn to start typing with the correct hand position using a program called Typing Agent. In addition, they learn the basics in PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, Excel and Coding.  


5th through 8th grade classes also come in once a week for 1 hour. They work on perfecting the correct typing hand position, type with covered keyboards and have detailed PowerPoint presentations. They learn to use Microsoft Word to be able to create things like a newspaper headline, different kinds of maps and a brochure. They also learn how to make and use graphs, formula’s, and other details on Excel. At the end of the year, the jr. high classes are introduced to iMovie. The 8th grade class has an end of the year iMovie group project that they complete and present at their 8th grade graduation dinner. They are also learning how to code.


STAR testing is also done in the computer lab for grades K-8.