Incarnation Parish School


Jr. High Literature/Writing and Language

8th Grade Homeroom 

6th, 7th and 8th Grade Literature and Writing

8th Grade Language



In grades 6-8 Literature is taught in four units: short story, drama, poetry, the novel.

Students are exposed to a wide variety and range of literature through drama, the novel, short stories and poetry. Understanding figurative language is emphasized.  They learn about great writers in all these genres. Students also explore informational texts. Tests are administered monthly.

Students are given opportunities to develop their own writing skills through narrative, expository, persuasive, and descriptive writing, both individually and collaboratively.  They produce original works using different styles. Students also learn how to write formal research reports where they must use block quotes, citations, bibliographies.


Oral presentations occur 3 times per year.

Grade 6  students develop poetry presentations

Grade 7 students participate in formal debates

Grade 8 students explore Shakespearian texts.


Grammar is treated as a separate subject in junior high. Students focus on the mechanics of language and sentence structure, roots of words, suffixes, and prefixes. They extend their knowledge of  punctuation and capitalization. In 8th grade, preparation for the high school placement test is incorporated into lesson planning. Tests are given monthly.


Vocabulary and spelling help students understand the origins of words, application of rules, and develop complex vocabulary usage. Tests are taken twice a month.

One yearly project is developed during the drama unit.


Independent reading: 2 book tests, grade level appropriate, need to be completed in the library each trimester.These represent 50 points in the literature grade. No graphic novels counted.

Our grading has now been aligned school wide, we use a point system, there is no weighting of different assignments as in the past. Homework/ class work represents 10-15 points, tests 75-100, projects 50 points.