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5th Grade Curriculum


Welcome to 5th Grade! This year is a fun and exciting year full of learning and growth.


In English Language Arts, students will make deeper analyses of literature and informational texts. Collaborative forums are also an essential part of the 5th grade curriculum. In 5th grade, we read one shared novel per trimester, which is the core of many of our projects and writing assignments.


In Math, students are exposed to pre-algebra concepts in preparation for junior high. In 5th grade, the students will develop fluency with addition and subtraction of fractions, extend division to two-digit divisors, and develop an understanding of volume.


In Social Studies, students will learn about the early inhabitants of North America, the explorers of the New World, and the birth and growth of our country through the Civil War. The Region-in-a-Bag project and State Projects are something to look forward to.


In Religion, students will develop a greater understanding of the sacraments and their faith. The students will learn more about the works of Jesus and the foundation of our Catholic beliefs.