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2nd Grade Curriculum

Welcome to 2nd Grade!


This year is a fun and exciting year full of learning and growth.


In English Language Arts, students will strengthen reading foundations such as:  short & long vowel recognition, syllables segmentation, rhyming skills, consonant blends and much more by participating during learning centers.  Reading strategies will be practiced and reinforced through various reading genres such as: reading informational text, realistic fiction, biographies, historical fiction, and much more. Lastly, students will demonstrate great use of grammar, vocabulary and organizational writing skills through various writing opportunities.  Students will produce narrative, persuasive, descriptive and informational paragraphs.


In second grade math, students will develop fluency with basic addition and subtraction number facts.  Students will add and subtract two/three-digit numbers with and without regrouping. Furthermore, students will identify money, practice counting coins, compare two numbers up to 1,000 and interpret graph data.  Additionally, students will read digital and analogue clocks, write times, label fractions, name shapes and know other attributes. Lastly, students will memorize multiplication facts to prepare for third grade.


In Social Studies, students will learn about their surrounding neighborhood, compare types of communities and identify the roles we all play in our environments.  Students will describe importance of government in local, state and federal branches. We will celebrate cultures around the world along with reading and writing about historical figures.  Moreover, second graders will discuss American symbols, landmarks and monuments. Lastly, they will examine the significance economics play in our society.


In Religion, students will prepare for the sacraments of reconciliation and first communion.  They will recite daily prayers, come to know God’s greatest love for us and practice being humble disciples of Jesus.  Students will develop a greater understanding of their faith and of our Catholic beliefs.