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Our mission in the library is to inspire a lifelong love of reading and to complement the school curriculum.


The library is available to every grade in the school, TK to 8th grade. 

There are different programs for the primary and secondary grades.


Transitional Kindergarten and Kindergarten students enjoy Story Time with the Librarian reading to them picture books.   Individualized instruction begins in January for the Kindergarten students.  Each child is given an individual box with 10 books, 6 designed for choral reading with classmates and the Librarian and 4 designed for independent reading at their level. 


In the first grade, the primary focus of the library program is to teach all students how to independently take an Accelerated Reader test. First grade students check out library books at their reading levels, read their book 5 times with parents at home, return to school with the library book and take an Accelerated Reader test.  Three successive 100% scores on AR tests allow the student to advance one reading level. 


Every book in the library is color coded for each AR book level, Grades K through 8. Every student is directed to specific colors to independently choose their next library book.


Grades 2-8 visit the library at least once a week to check out a new book, take an Accelerated Reader test and enjoy a quiet reading time.  The library collection has more than 8800 volumes.  The collection is up-to-date with current titles  and series that the students love.