Incarnation Parish School

7th Grade » Junior High: Religion & Social Studies

Junior High: Religion & Social Studies


While in the junior high, Religion and Social Studies classes your child will learn some practical and necessary skills. We begin with basic map making and reading skills. Learning from those who have come before us, we will learn to use our hands just as our ancestors did thousands of years ago.


We will work with clay and other mediums to appreciate ancient artisans. Project skills crossover to both Religion and Social Studies classes.


We learn about the Old Testament in 6th religion, Church History in 7th and the New Testament in 8th. The sixth grade learning projects include a liturgical calendar, a Lenten patch, several School Family activities, ending the year with an Old Testament art project. The seventh grade projects also include family activities, PowerPoints, scale models, an end-of-the-year cross project. The eighth grade learning projects begin with making ink, stylus and paper, St. Paul timelines, living stations of the cross before Easter, and a final religious art memento before graduation.


In Social Studies we also do learning projects appropriate to the unit, African masks from coconuts, Kabuki masks from Japan, personal Zen gardens, terracotta soldiers, and more. Eighth grade social studies will incorporate current events in the study of our American History. They will be taught to look at both sides of the story and develop necessary critical thinking skill. As a challenge, we will study and answer all the potential questions used by the naturalization department to test new citizens. 


Overall, I ask the students to put their best minds and work forward.